A/Prof Alan Young
Eastern Health, VIC

Alan Young is a Sleep Disorders and Respiratory Physician at Eastern Health in Melbourne, where he holds the position of Director of Sleep Services and Non-invasive ventilation. He also holds an adjunct appointment with Monash University. His main research interest is the study of acute and chronic non-invasive ventilation including models of care.

Incoming President

Dr Sutapa Mukherjee
Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, SA

Sutapa Mukherjee is a respiratory and sleep physician at the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network and in private practice. She holds an adjunct appointment as Associate Professor, Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, Flinders University. She is a sleep epidemiologist with particular interest in the genetics of sleep apnoea and sleep health.

Clinical Chair

Dr David Cunnington

Clinical Chair roles and responsibilities

Conference Chair

Dr Andrew Gikas
University of Melbourne and Alfred Health, VIC

Andrew Gikas is a dental surgeon in public and private practice in Melbourne, is an Associate of IBAS, holds a clinical teaching role at the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Dental Clinic and an honorary appointment at the Alfred Hospital's oral appliance dental clinic. He has interests and been involved in oral appliance research, education, clinical practice and has enjoyed a number of roles and responsibilities across the association sector.

Conference Chair roles and responsibilities 

Education Chair

Dr Ching Li Chai-Coetzer 
Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, SA

Dr Ching Li Chai-Coetzer is a respiratory and sleep physician at the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network and NHMRC postdoctoral early career research fellow at Flinders University. Her principal research interest is in sleep medicine clinical research trials, with a focus on community-based ambulatory models of care for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), OSA education in primary care and optimizing treatment adherence for OSA patients.

Education Chair roles and responsibilities

Finance Chair

A/Prof Nathaniel Marshall 
Woolcock Institute for Medical Research
The University of Sydney, NSW

Nathaniel Marshall is a clinical epidemiologist specialising in the design, conduct and reporting of clinical trials for sleep disorders. He also investigates the public health impact of insufficient sleep and sleep disorders and health system activity aimed at sleep problems.

Finance Chair roles and responsibilities

Membership Chair

Dr Jennifer Walsh
University of Western Australia & Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital 

Dr Jennifer Walsh Walsh is a Lecturer at the Centre for Sleep Science in the School of Human Sciences at UWA and also holds a position as a Research Fellow at the West Australian Sleep Disorders Research Institute at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.  

Research Chair

Dr Denise O'Driscoll
Monash University, VIC

Denise is the Chief Sleep Scientist for Eastern Health and is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University.

Research Chair roles and responsibilities

President, New Zealand Branch

Dr Angela Campbell
University of Otago, NZ

Angela is the manager of WellSleep, the University of Otago Wellington Sleep Investigation Centre and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medicine. She has worked in both paediatric and adult sleep services during and since completing her PhD in 1997. Research interests include the provision of healthy sleep education to the public, technology in the treatment of sleep disorders, familial links in OSA and family experiences with PAP.

Invited ANZSSA Representative

Ms Teanau Roebuck
Alfred Sleep Service, VIC

The Sleep Service at the Alfred provides full polysomnography as well as oximetry at home and in the ward.  

National head office

Chief Executive Officer
Marcia Balzer

Membership Manager
Mischka Yates 

Sponsorship and Events Specialist
Asha Mohabir

General enquiries


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