Occupational Health, Safety & Performance Council

Co-Chair: Andrew Webster
Co-Chair: Gemma Paech

Email: admin@sleep.org.au

The Occupational Health, Safety and Performance Council will integrate the strong academic and clinical background of the Australasian Sleep Association with the experience of health and safety and industry professionals. This will provide a fertile opportunity to share ideas across disciplines, promote Association input to policy and optimise sleep health in industry. Whilst a number of members provide active input to occupational health and safety in industry the council will strengthen input from the Association into this important area, improving the translation of science into practice and helping the scientific community to understand operational and implementation opportunities and challenges in industrial settings. In addition to inviting ASA members to participate we will actively seek involvement from industry and the occupational health and safety community.


  1. Share information and knowledge
  2. Develop joint industry and academic projects
  3. Educate industry and the workforce
  4. Increase awareness and public health knowledge
  5. Reduce accidents and illness
  6. Pool resources to combat shared issues
  7. Provide input to government policy and industry groups on a national and international level

This council will complement existing councils within the ASA and indeed need to draw upon expertise from a range of disciplines. It will provide opportunities for translational research and major public health benefit, assisting us to achieve our vision and mission. It is an opportune time to combine scientific and industrial strengths to improve the health of all Australians at work, at play or at rest.