ASA International Travel Award

Funded by Queensland Sleep Partners

Applications closed for 2019. Applications for 2020 will advised

An international travel award of $5,000 is offered to ASA Members to support early and mid-career sleep researchers. Researchers should be no more than 10 years post-Ph.D. or equivalent training. The intention of this award is to provide an opportunity for outstanding early- or mid-career researchers who may otherwise find it difficult to support their travel costs to showcase their sleep research at an international meeting.

The ASA research committee will review the applications and select recipients based on:

  1. Quality of the abstract to be presented at the meeting (300 words maximum)
  2. Track record relative to opportunity from brief CV (3-page maximum)
  3. Applicant statement outlining how attending the meeting would enhance their career in sleep health/sleep science

Successful recipients will not be eligible to apply for this Award in future years.
Recipients will be required to write a brief report for the ASA newsletter upon completion of the award.

Applications for this award have now closed

Download an application form

Applications should be sent by email to:
Australasian Sleep Association
Fax: +61 2 9672 3884 - Email:

Award notification
The award will generally be announced and awarded at the Annual Scientific Meeting although the international travel may occur prior to the official announcement.

Award Recipients

2019 Jennifer Cori
Kate Sutherland
2017 Rodrigo Martins and Stephanie Yiallourou
2016 Michelle Short & Sophie Carter
2015 Lisa Walter & Jason Amatoury



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