Australasian Sleep Association Publication Award

The Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) is awarding a prize of $500 to the best paper in the field of sleep research published by an ASA member between 1 July – 31 December 2017. This Award aims to showcase and drive wider knowledge exchange for current sleep research, within the ASA and the wider scientific community. Submissions for this round are closed.

ASA will be hosting these awards on a bi-annual basis and we invite all sleep researchers who have recently published their peer-reviewed journal article and are members of ASA to apply. All applicants will benefit from submitting their publications by obtaining greater exposure for their paper. The winner (as voted openly by multidisciplinary researchers from around the world) will receive $500, and the opportunity to promote this on their CV. The application process is very simple and must be done online, to submit an application click the link below.

Submissions for this round are now closed.

Who's eligible? 
To apply you must be a member of the ASA, be the first or corresponding author and have published a paper in the field of sleep research between 1 July – 31 December 2017 (either in print or Epub/pre-print ahead of print). Each paper is only eligible once (i.e. If the Epub/pre-print ahead of print date is selected then the same paper is not also eligible for consideration in a subsequent round).

If you are researching in the broad area of sleep, and not currently a member of ASA you can join the Association by CLICKING HERE.

How to Apply? 
Simply share a summary about your research paper/implications and add a PubMed link and/or DOI or repository link so anyone can access your paper to learn more. You have the option to upload a summary video about the research, which has been shown to engage a wider audience with your work. If you would like to create a video, check out our guide for hints or watch the hundreds of other research videos in other Thinkable competitions.

How will the prize be judged? 
Once submissions close, the voting stage will open and any Thinkable user that is registered as a verified researcher will be able to vote for their favourite submission. To become a verified researcher with Thinkable, you are required to provide your current organisation email for proof of identity, a link to a relevant, peer-reviewed publication from the last five years that you have authored or co-authored, and at least one field of expertise.

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