Poster Presentation Awards

Every year at the annual scientific meeting, the ASA awards one person from each of the poster categories a poster presentation award.

All abstracts accepted for a poster discussion by peer review are eligible for a poster presentation award. One award will be given for each poster discussion symposium (usually 10 per year). Seniority and experience are taken into consideration when assessing for this award.

This award is assessed by the Chairpeople of each session on three criteria:

  • Scientific quality - e.g. novelty of hypothesis, methodology, impact to the field
  • Presentation quality - e.g. oral presentation skills, visual aids, ability to answer questions
  • Poster quality - e.g. layout, balance of text and tables/figures, quality and completeness of information

Recipients of the poster presentation awards will be acknowledged at Sleep DownUnder and on the ASA website.

Award Recipients

2019 Recipients

  1. Chloe-Anne Martinez - Cardiac disease and cancer in OSA         
  2. Thomas Crowhurst - Advanced Trainee 
  3. Julie Tolson - CPAP: Usage and outcomes  
  4. Nadi Sadr - OSA, CSA and sleep health: Insights  
  5. Rosemary Gibson - Sleep health across professions  
  6. Peter Burke - The collapsible upper airway and non-PAP treatments  
  7. Claire Jenkins  - Paediatric sleep disordered breathing  
  8. Nicole Grivell  - Sleep disorders and primary care  
  9. Sam Benn - Insights into OSA. Insights into Indigenous sleep health       
  10.  Kelsey Bickley - Insomnia and sleep health 
Past Recipients

Poster presentation awards 2018

Poster presentation awards 2017

Poster presentation awards 2016

Poster presentation awards 2015

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