The awards program supports sleep researchers and clinicians in their early, mid and later career stages. Members can choose to donate to the funds held in trust for the awards program. Donations can be made at any time, or in conjunction with the payment of annual membership subscriptions.

Due to the postponement of Sleep DownUnder in 2020, and both financial and travel constraints resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be only a limited program of awards in 2020. The New Investigator Award and any other non-monetary discretionary awards will be announced during Sleep Week.

New Investigator
For early career researchers up to the completion of their PhD or equivalent. Finalists present their original research at the ASA annual conference, Sleep DownUnder, with the award being announced at the gala dinner.

Student Travel
For student members of the ASA, who have submitted an abstract for oral or poster presentation at the ASA annual conference, Sleep DownUnder, to support their travel and accommodation costs to attend the conference.

Poster Presentation
Every year at the Sleep DownUnder conference, the ASA awards one person from each of the poster categories a poster presentation award.

Sleep Research Society Collaborative Mentor-Mentee
Travel award up to $7000 for an Australasian early career sleep researcher to visit a Sleep Research Society mentor for 2-4 weeks. The mentoring relationship should continue remotely for one year.

Rob Pierce Grant in Aid
To facilitate a project in the field of sleep research for a new investigator (up to five years post-doctorate) who is a member of ASA or ANZSSA. Applicants should be training in sleep research or a clinical sleep discipline.

Philips Sleep Research Grant
To facilitate a project in the field of sleep research for an emerging investigator (up to 10 years post-doctorate or equivalent training) who is a member of the ASA.

Helen Bearpark Scholarship
To facilitate international travel and exchange in order to develop skills in sleep research or clinical sleep medicine. 

Nick Antic Career Development
Gain valuable experience or knowledge to support development as a leader in the field of sleep. 

President's Award
Presented at the discretion of the President to an individual or group of individuals to recognise and honour a significant and sustained contribution by him, her or them to the work of the Australasian Sleep Association in achieving its aims and objectives.

Emeritus members
Awarded only to those who have made notable contributions to research into sleep or the understanding, treatment and practice of sleep medicine.

Distinguished Achievement
Recognises and honours exceptional achievements in the fields of sleep health and sleep science by ASA members. 

External Awards
Research award programs from other organisations
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