University of Sydney sleep scoring bootcamp

This two day course is an intensive introduction to the analysis of adult sleep studies and is designed for sleep technologists who have very little scoring experience. Technicians who are contemplating or starting the transition to sleep scoring would benefit most from this course. We have also found that people who have been scoring for a while also significantly benefit, as do training physicians who will be reporting sleep studies.

The course will include lectures and extensive practical sessions to familiarise attendees with the current AASM scoring guidelines and the application of these. All tutors are familiar with several sleep recording systems.

Participants are assumed to be working in the sleep medicine field, have at least a rudimentary knowledge of the signals in polysomnography and basic computing knowledge.

This course can be undertaken as a standalone course or as a follow up to the Fundamentals of Sleep Medicine short course. The Masters /Graduate Diploma Courses in Sleep Medicine are also available, which are all offered through the University of Sydney.

University of Sydney sleep scoring bootcamp

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