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Sleep in Aotearoa
Sleep in Aotearoa is back! Join our New Zealand Branch at Wellington's Te Papa for the latest in sleep with a NZ twist.

When: May 10–11, 2021
Where: Wellington
Clocking up: What time should I take this medicine?
Join Professor Bandana Saini and Associate Professor Craig Phillips as they describe key terms used in chronotherapy, highlight examples where chronotherapy has shown to be effective and discuss practical applications of research evidence so far.

When: May 27, 2021
COVID-19: Sleep, mental health and our response to the outbreak
Join Associate Professor Sutapa Mukherjee and Dr Melinda Jackson as they lead a discussion on our response to COVID-19 and its effects on our sleep and mental health.

When: July 7, 2021
Hypersomnolence masterclass
A virtual clinical masterclass for sleep and respiratory physicians, general physicians, advanced trainees (in particular respiratory, sleep, neurology, psychiatry, general medicine), psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists and general practitioners

When: July 31, 2021
Sleep DownUnder 2021
Join us in Brisbane or online for the postponed 32nd annual scientific meeting of Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) & Australian and New Zealand Sleep Science Association (ANZSSA)

When: October 10–13, 2021
Where: South Brisbane, QLD
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Upcoming Event Sleep in Aotearoa 10 May - 11 May 2021 VIEW EVENT
Upcoming Event Hypersomnolence masterclass 31 Jul 2021 VIEW EVENT
Upcoming Event Sleep DownUnder 2021 10 Oct - 13 Oct 2021 VIEW EVENT