Becoming a member of the Australasian Sleep Association opens the door to a collegial, passionate and knowledgeable community of sleep experts. And you don't have to be one yourself to join! Membership is open to students, researchers, sleep scientists, nurses, general practitioners, psychologists, pharmacists and dentists as well as medical specialists and trainees. Any health professional or student in a health-related discipline and based in Australia or New Zealand is welcome.

Members enjoy being part of a passionate and committed group of health professionals who understand that quality sleep is one of the three key aspects of good health - along with nutrition and exercise. 

ASA members are committed to ongoing learning and professional development, and frequently take opportunities to learn from one another across disciplinary boundaries. As a member you receive discounted rates on ASA education events, frequent news updates on all things sleep-related, and the opportunity to joini as many special interest councils as you choose.

To join, first consider which membership category is most appropriate for you.

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