ASA Member Research Grant Success

16 December 2022

Congratulations to the following ASA members and their colleagues who collectively were recently awarded over $11.5 million for their sleep-related applications via the NHMRC and MRFF.

NHMRC Synergy Grant 
Sharon Naismith, Ronald Grunstein, Ralph Martins, Christopher Gordon, Camilla Hoyos, Angela D'Rozario, Stephanie Rainey-Smith, Clare Anderson, James Shine, Pierrick Bourgeat (University of Sydney)
Synergise, Integrate and Enhance Sleep Research to Transform Brain Ageing (SIESTA)

NHMRC Partnership Grant 
Yaqoot Fatima, Ruth Wallace, Timothy Skinner, Romola Bucks, Subash Heraganahally, Sadasivam Suresh, Abdullah Mamun, Simon Smith, Lisa McDaid, Robert Adams (University of Queensland)
Sleep for Strong Souls (3S): Multisectoral partnership and co-designed solutions to improve the sleep health of First Nations Adolescents

NHMRC Development Grant 
Prof Lynne Bilston and colleagues (University of New South Wales)
Development of a novel optical stimulation therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

NHMRC Ideas Grants 
Greg Roach, Kenneth Wright, Charli Sargent, Gorica Micic, Dean Miller, Drew Dawson, Leon Lack (Central Queensland University) 
Establishing caffeine as a potential new treatment option for circadian misalignment 

Yorgi Mavros, Delwyn Bartlett, Anthony Capon, Elizabeth Cayanan, Nicole Vargas, James Smallcombe (University of Sydney) 
Optimising sleep quality inside insecticide treated mosquito nets in hot overnight environments 

MRFF Funding 
Jasneek Chawla, Moya Vandeleur, Maree Milross, Natalie Pride, Karen Waters, Deborah Richards (University of Queensland)
MRFF Chronic Neurological Conditions: Early Sleep Interventions to Improve Outcomes in Children with Neurodisability

If there are any further grants successes from members, please forward the details to the ASA office for inclusion on the website.