A message from the ASA President

It is with great sadness that we observe the tragic events unfolding around Australia in relation to the current bushfire season. Our thoughts go out to all those affected, including any of our membership who may be directly affected, please let me know if there is anything at all we can do to assist you now, or into the future.

At this time, we remember losing one of our most loved and respected members Professor Rob Pierce who died defending his home in St Andrews, Victoria, during the Black Saturday bushfires in February 2009.  

The impact of sleep loss and deprivation for all those affected, particularly firefighters working at the front line, will only compound the extreme conditions they are currently faced with. It is a sombre reminder to keep safe over the holiday period and not take for granted the time spent with loved ones during this time.

Alan Young, President, and all the Board and staff of ASA

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