CSF orexin testing now available

11 July 2022

Testing of CSF orexin is now available for Australian patients through Sonic Healthcare.

Testing is done at Oxford (UK), with samples being centrally collated, prepared and shipped by Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology at Wesley Hospital, Brisbane.

Pathology requests should be completed on a Sonic Healthcare service form. Sonic Healthcare pathology services around Australia include:

  • Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology
  • Melbourne Pathology 
  • Hobart Pathology
  • Launceston Pathology
  • North West Pathology
  • Douglass Hanly Moir - DHM
  • Clinpath Pathology
  • Clinipath Pathology
  • Southern.IML Pathology
  • Barratt Smith Moran Pathology

You may be aware of additional services affiliated with Sonic Healthcare in your area.

Sample collection

CSF should be collected in a standard CSF collection tube (preferably 2ml of CSF, 10 drops in each of the 3-5 CSF vial kits) and transported to the local Sonic Healthcare laboratory at room temperature.

As the assays are done at Oxford (UK) it is preferable to collect specimens early in the week (ie Monday or Tuesday) so that they don’t arrive in the UK over the weekend. It is suggested to request sterile fluid biochemistry and microscopy / culture / sensitivity for quality assurance purposes at the same time as the orexin testing.  

The assay is done via radioimmunoassay (RIA) at Oxford. Results take around 7-12 weeks. More information about the testing

The cost is $400 out of pocket to the patient, with no Medicare rebate. This covers the cost of logistics and shipping to the UK.