Sleep DownUnder fun run and walk roundup

26 October 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued on its merry way, the 13th Compumedics ASA ANZSSA Fun Run and Walk had to be a multicentre virtual event again. New Zealand and the various states and territories of Australia had widely differing restrictions, which kept changing as the days, weeks and months went by. As a result, at each location, the locals had to be innovative in what they could do for this year’s Fun Run and Walk.

Thanks again for the ASA and ANZSSA for encouraging this event to go ahead again. Thanks also to Compumedics for their support and providing caps for participants. Hopefully we will be able to be together for a live event in Brisbane next year. If you have any suggestions or ideas, let me know.

Christopher Worsnop

Melbourne has had the longest amount of time in COVID-19 lockdown in the world. Daily numbers of cases reached over 2,000. During the week of Sleep DownUnder our exercise was restricted to 15 km from home, with no more than five people getting together from two households all fully vaccinated. We thus had to do our runs and walks alone or in pairs at a time and location of our choosing across the week. Quite a few from Austin Health sported their Compumedics caps and did a run or walk.

Andrew Ng reported: “Some of us unfortunately live in LGAs of concern (local government areas with COVID-19 restrictions) limiting exercise to within 5 km. Thus we ran separately 2x2, this year exceeding last year’s 11 km distances. No doubt this reflects that our Association is getting stronger physically and I’m sure also scientifically, as this week will demonstrate. Thanks again to the ASA and Compumedics for making this happen.”

Ai-Ming Wong was the solo runner in Hobart, but she had a great time as the city is close to the bush with great views of the ever-watchful Mt Wellington.

Pouring rain did not stop Gemma Paech from getting out and having a run to celebrate Sleep DownUnder.

A group were able to get together for some exercise, and they even had morning tea and coffee together.

Elise Watt reported that the Brisbane fun run was a success!

"It’s always a lovely run down by the river though we may have spent more time eating fruit and muffins than running. We were sad not to host the conference, however it was so great to be able to reconnect with those who could make it!” Elise said.

Sam Bramich had a walk with her family in lovely Launceston. It was fine and sunny.

According to Paul Kelly, the Christchurch Sleep Health Services enjoyed a springtime walk along the Avon River, with a halfway refreshment station conveniently located at the local gelato café. People gathered together, not wearing masks, going to a café – making those in New South Wales and Victoria jealous.

Jen Walsh, a long time supporter of the run, reported that “The amazing weather prompted another record turnout for the Perth fun run.  There was even an enthusiastic support team this year!  Again, competition was tough and it was another photo finish.”

Thanks to the local organisers!
Angela Campbell - Wellington
Kelly Loeffler – Adelaide
Paul Kelly – Christchurch
Andrew Ng – Sydney
Gemma Paech – Newcastle
Elise Watt – Brisbane
Jen Walsh – Perth
Sam Bramich – Launceston
Ai-Ming Wong – Hobart
Kellie Rixon – Canberra
Nicola Mills – Auckland

The Adelaide crew

Ai-Ming Wong and Mt Wellington - Hobart

The team in Christchurch

Jen Walsh and support crew, Perth

Christopher Worsnop in Melbourne

Danny Brazzale in Melbourne

Nicole Goh, Melbourne

Nicole Salter, Melbourne

Sydney crews ran two by two

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