Countdown to Virtual Sleep DownUnder2021 has begun! 

We look forward to welcoming you virtually for Sleep DownUnder 2021. We have a quality program in store, with something for everyone. View program.
Don’t miss our plenary sessions spotlighting our local talent.

Don’t miss our plenary sessions spotlighting our local talent.

•  Sleep and mental health with speakers Ian Hickie, Shantha Rajaratnam, Darren Mansfield, Sean Drummond
•  Sleep and society: continuity and chaos across the life course with speakers Simon Smith, Sally Staton, Kalina Rossa, Sally Ferguson, Rosie Gibson
•  Sleep health in occupational settings: a view to the future featuring Amy Reynolds, Grace Vincent, Alexander Wolkow, Yu Sun Bin

Check out a few more session highlights below.

Big data in sleep: lessons, opportunities, and challenges
Monday 11 October, 16:45-16:15 AEDT
With the imminent introduction of an AASM - accredited Artificial Intelligence software for scoring polysomnography, and the increased reliance on technology for delivering sleep care during the pandemic, it's time for the sleep community to raise the bar in AI and big data uses in research and clinical practice. Speakers include Alan Pack, Azizi Seixas and Logan Schneider from the USA.

What's the remedy? Managing insomnia in primary care treatment options and perspectives
Tuesday 12 October, 11:30- 13:00 AEDT 
Sleep disruptions are commonly reported in primary care settings, but recent research shows that they are often inadequately treated. This session provides a comprehensive overview of current treatments employed for insomnia and barriers that primary healthcare professionals (PHPs) face in implementing effective treatments. Speakers: Nicole Grivell, Janet Cheung, Jenny Haycock, Alex Sweetman

Interactive PSG analysis session - help the experts with some PSG dilemmas
Tuesday 12 October, 14:00-15:30 AEDT
This session offers education, knowledge sharing and discussion of dilemmas or challenges with PSG analysis methods and interpretation. Sleep scientists, advanced trainees, and sleep physicians will all gain value from the interactive session, which offers forum to identify current challenges or gaps in rulesets or ambiguities in their interpretation. Presenters: Kerri Melehan, Tom Churchward, Rebecca Mihai

Sleep health of Indigenous Australians: untapped opportunities to improve health outcomes
Wednesday 13 October, 12:00-13:30 AEDT 
Four presenters provide the latest updates on sleep health and sleep health disparities in Indigenous Australian communities, highlighting the impact on cardiometabolic outcomes. They will share strategies for culturally-appropriate diagnosis and management of sleep issues and develop ideas for future research to promote sleep health in Indigenous communities. Speakers: Sarah Blunden, Stephanie Yiallarou, Subash Heraganahally, Yaqoot Fatima.