External course information

The ASA has a formal process for endorsing external education courses in sleep health and sleep medicine. This page includes courses that have been formally endorsed, and postgraduate qualification opportunities in sleep medicine run by reputable tertiary institutions. To find out more about how to have an education course endorsed, please contact the ASA.

Courses endorsed by ASA

Diagnosis and treatment of insomnia
This online course outlines a practical approach to assessing and managing insomnia for clinicians, in particular general practitioners. It was created by the Goodfellow Unit in New Zealand with input from the GP Education Subcommittee of the Australasian Sleep Association.

UWA graduate certificate in adult sleep science
The Graduate Certificate in Adult Sleep Science is intended as a University level training program for anyone with a background in science or allied health wishing to be trained to work as a sleep technologist (sleep scientist).

UWA graduate diploma in sleep science
The Graduate Diploma in Sleep Science is intended as a University level training program for anyone with a background in science or allied health wishing to gain advanced training in adult or paediatric sleep technology (sleep science).

Other courses

Fundamentals of sleep medicine course (5 day course) 
This week long course covers all aspects of sleep medicine and technology, including lectures and practical tutorial sessions on analysing sleep studies, CPAP workshops and NIV case studies. This course can be undertaken as a standalone course or as an introduction to the Masters Degree and Diploma Courses in Sleep Medicine offered through the University of Sydney. 

Graduate certificate in paediatric sleep science
The Respiratory and Sleep Department at Princess Margaret Hospital is a leading centre in paediatric sleep science. It was the first paediatric unit to be accredited by the Thoracic Society of 
Australia and New Zealand .

University of Sydney graduate diploma & masters degrees in sleep medicine
The Degree Programs in Sleep Medicine have been developed to address the current gap in formal sleep education, and provided comprehensive and contemporary education through a distance education platform.

University of Sydney sleep scoring bootcamp (2 day course)
This two day course is an intensive introduction to the analysis of adult sleep studies and is designed for sleep technologists who have very little scoring experience. Technicians who are contemplating or starting the transition to sleep scoring would benefit most from this course. We have also found that people who have been scoring for a while also significantly benefit, as do trainee physicians who will be reporting sleep studies. 

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