Territory Manager NSW – Sleep, Respiratory and Neurophysiology

Your Opportunity:
Do you want to make a difference? Do you have a genuine desire to assist in the continuous improvement of the standard of patient care in Australia? If you want to have a positive impact on clinician experience and patient outcomes, then join us!

At Temple Healthcare, we strive to significantly improve the quality of life of all ages, from premature babies all the way through to the precious older members of society. We need a Territory Manager to help us provide ongoing support and development of customers and customer organisations, drive business growth and facilitate customer training and education. As a Temple Healthcare employee, you get the chance to operate at the heart of a focussed and passionate company that continues to transform itself.

The Company:
Our mission is to significantly improve patient outcomes by nurturing partnerships with healthcare providers, and to facilitate sustainable, profitable technology transfer between manufacturers and our customers. We bring market leading equipment to health professionals who care for patients in Intensive Care Units, Sleep, Respiratory and Neurophysiology Laboratories, Operating Theatres and in Emergency Departments. Our company culture is built on an exceptionally high standard of business and personal ethics. We want to be the best in our chosen fields for both customer service and product quality whilst at the same time providing a vibrant and secure working environment for our staff.

Your Position?
As the NSW Territory Manager, you will represent and promote the full line of Temple Healthcare’s product offerings. You will take the lead with health professionals to conduct demonstrations, manage trials and respond to training and education requests (we will support you to ensure you are exceptional at this, before you start). You will be required to make sales calls, and in many cases, you will be involved on a consultative level in building and expanding our customer’s businesses, providing solutions to their problems. You will report to the National Sales Manager and will work hand in hand with Temple Healthcare’s cross functional team, including the Managing Director, Sales, Service, Operations and Administration.
This will be a dynamic and challenging role that will see you preserving relationships and developing new and existing customers to grow and maintain revenue volumes. Your success in building relationships and delivering solutions with an almost obsessive desire to please the customer will be your key asset.

Some interstate and international travel may be required.

The Candidate. To succeed in this role, you should have the following skills and experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to health and life sciences, nursing, psychophysiology, biomedical etc. 
  • Proven effective verbal, computer, written and presentation/communication skills 
  • Exceptional relationship building skills 
  • Professional presence 
  • An obsessive focus on your customers 
  • A deep drive to provide customer solutions 
  • Self-motivated, reliable with exceptional energy 
  • Enjoy working autonomously with minimal oversight 
  • Valid Drivers Licence and Passport 

Desirable skills and experience (but not essential for the right candidate)

  • Knowledge of Sleep, Respiratory, Neurological Diagnostics and/or Intensive Care 
  • An interest in Information Technology/Software 
  • An understanding of patient/vital sign monitoring, polysomnography, EEG and/or EMG testing and interpretation 
  • Sales experience 

If you are an individual with high personal integrity and are excited by the prospect of joining an incredible team of dedicated experts and a company that is growing into a market leading player in Healthcare, then you could be a great fit with our team.

We offer an attractive remuneration, with exceptional employee benefits and a flexible work environment. As the company grows, if you display the right abilities, you can expect new challenges and career development.

Please send applications to Belinda at info@templehealthcare.com.au

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