Sleep Physicians Council

Co-Chair: John Swieca
Simon Frenkel
Email: [email protected]


  1. Supporting the practice of state of the art, multidisciplinary care of patients with sleep disorders.
  2. Advise the ASA on issues pertaining to delivery of high quality sleep medicine care, for both salaried and non-salaried physicians.
  3. Give guidance to colleagues who provide complex sleep medicine services, in areas of professional and business practice.
  4. Encourage the incorporation of novel approaches in everyday sleep practice - including the mature and balanced use of consumer-grade sleep monitoring devices, web-based educational tools and online patient treatment resources.
  5. Promote educational and research programs to enhance the quality of multidisciplinary sleep medicine services.
  6. Promote the establishment of coordinated care in sleep medicine practices, to recognise the complexity with which patients are presenting, given the maturity of public awareness of sleep disorders.
  7. Encourage non-salaried sleep physicians to collaborate with their colleagues in all areas of sleep practice including membership of and involvement with the ASA.
  8. Create frameworks for assisting the transition of established and future Fellows of the RACP (Respiratory & Sleep Medicine) from salaried to non-salaried environments.
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