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Bench-side to bedside: translational science success stories from respiratory and sleep physicians 14 Jul 2022 This webinar is aimed to inspire and disseminate understanding the importance of translational research in respiratory and sleep clinical practice. Read More
Restless legs syndrome: management strategies for the complex patient 4 Aug 2022 Many patients with restless legs syndrome have residual symptoms after first- or second-line therapy, or suffer medication-related side effects. This webinar explores management strategies for patient... Read More


June 27 2022Dr Alex Sweetman to lead Commonwealth grant program The ASA is pleased to announce that Dr Alex Sweetman will join the staff team on 11 July to lead the three-year Commonwealth grant program.aaa
June 1 2022New strategy sets course for next two years The ASA's new organisational strategy sets the direction for the next two years, with rebuilding community, a new grant program and expanding member benefits as priorities.aaa
May 26 2022Philips update on defect correction Latest update for clinicians about the Philips device correction actionaaa
May 5 2022Benefits of running your practice like a business Dr David Cunnington is the voice of experience in relation to the benefits of running your private clinical practice like a business - flexibility, family time and high quality patient careaaa
May 4 2022Introducing the ASA learning centre! Bringing together on-demand and real-time activities in a single portalaaa
April 28 2022Why attend the Practice Growth Strategies course? There are three excellent reasons you should attend this private practice course on 17-19 June according to Steven Macarounas, Head of Education at the Private Practice.aaa
April 19 2022Five things I wish I knew as an Advanced Trainee John Swieca shares his insights for Advanced Trainees preparing to start their specialist careers to highlight the upcoming Transition to Practice and Practice Growth Strategies course at Sydney's Coogee Beach on 17-19 June.aaa
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