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Why Regular Sleep Timing Matters 5 Apr 2023 Presented by International Speaker Dr Dorothee Fischer, an emerging international leader in sleep and chronobiology and is a fellow Research Associate at the Institute for Aerospace Medicine, German A... Read More
Victoria state meeting 2023 5 May 2023 Registrations are open for the next Victoria state meeting on Friday 5 May. Block out the afternoon now to catch up with your local colleagues, and hear the latest from young researchers and three ama... Read More


March 2 2023The year is off to a flying start for the Commonwealth grant program Our three-year Commonwealth grant program is off to a great start...aaa
February 10 2023New ASA position statement on management of primary snoring A new Australasian Sleep Association position statement on consensus and evidence-based treatment recommendations for primary snoring was recently accepted for publication in Respirology.aaa
February 8 2023Better sleep and wellbeing for essential health and aged care workers The ASA has joined forces once again with the Sleep Health Foundation to put forward a policy proposal for consideration during this year’s federal budget process.aaa
December 20 2022Date change for SDU2023 Due to a date clash next year with World Sleep, Sleep DownUnder 2023 in Adelaide will now be held 8 - 11 November 2023.aaa
December 16 2022ASA Member Research Grant Success Congratulations to ASA members and their colleagues who collectively were recently awarded over $11.5million for their sleep-related applications via the NHMRC and MRFF.aaa
December 8 2022New Conference Chair needed The ASA is looking for a new Conference Chair due to the recent resignation of Andrew Gikas who has been appointed as an Executive Councillor of the Australian Dental Association.aaa
December 7 2022NHMRC Research Translation insomnia presentation The NHMRC’s Research Translation long-weekend 2022 in mid-November showcased the diversity of health research translation and implementation programs in Australia.aaa
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