The sleep psychology workshop for postgraduate psychology students

The sleep psychology workshop is a FREE, 6-hour live online training designed to enhance postgraduate psychology students' knowledge and skills in managing sleep disturbances.


Sleep problems commonly co-occur with mental health conditions. Sleep disturbances such as insomnia can contribute to the onset and severity of mental health conditions (e.g. depression, anxiety, PTSD). However, research shows that psychologists receive minimal education on how to manage insomnia in line with current evidence-based guidelines. This is why we developed the Sleep Psychology Workshop to help postgraduate psychology students learn how to deliver evidence-based sleep treatments. You will learn about the bidirectional relationship between sleep and mental health, how to take a sleep history, sleep diagnosis skills, and the basics of delivering the first-line treatment for insomnia, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia. The workshop contains interactive activities and is run over two 3-hour sessions, so you will have the opportunity to put your new sleep psychology knowledge into practice.

Research conducted on the Sleep Psychology Workshop in Victoria demonstrated that postgraduate psychology students experienced significant improvements in their sleep psychology knowledge and skills, with gains maintained over 12 months later! We hope you can join us for the Sleep Psychology Workshop and take your sleep skills to the next level.     

  • This event is for people enrolled in a postgraduate psychology program in Australia (e.g., Master of Clinical Psychology or Professional Psychology) that will enable them to practice as a registered or endorsed psychologist upon completion. If you are not completing a postgraduate psychology program that will allow you to register as a psychologist with AHPRA after completion,  please visit the ASA Learning Centre to explore other education opportunities. 
  • This is a live online event, no recording will be available after the event.
  • The workshop is delivered over two 3-hour events. We are running this workshop in two Waves. You will need to register for both events in Wave 1, or both events in Wave 2.
  • The workshop will include interactive components, breakout sessions, and opportunities to ask questions.
  • You will also receive an email about 2-4 weeks before the first event, to help us understand your current education, experience, and knowledge of sleep health management.


    You will need to register for both events in Wave 1, or both events in Wave 2.

    Wave 1
    Wave 1, First event: Tuesday 9th July, 2pm to 5pm, AEST          
    Wave 1, Second event: Tuesday 16th July, 2pm to 5pm, AEST   


    Wave 2
    Wave 2, First event: Saturday 20th July, 10am to 1pm, AEST      
    Wave 2, Second event: Saturday 27th July, 10am to 1pm, AEST  
7/9/2024 - 7/28/2024

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