Sleep in Aotearoa 2024

The NZ Branch of the ASA are pleased to welcome colleagues to the 2024 Sleep In Aotearoa annual scientific meeting to be held in Dunedin on 20-21 June 2024.

Sleep in Aotearoa 20-21 June 2024

Conference highlights - what’s new in 2024?
This is a face-to-face meeting only and the sessions won’t be recorded or live streamed.

Preliminary programme announced
The preliminary programme for Sleep in Aotearoa 2024 is available here.  Note, there may be minor amendments made up to a week before the conference. 

Keynote Address

Sleep and Mental Health, given by Dr Tony Fernando

Sleep and Mental Health
Understanding the intricate relationship between sleep and mental health is crucial. In this presentation, Tony examines the realm of an emerging group, shedding light on sleep anxiety and insomnia phobia. While managing sleep-related anxiety presents challenges due to the absence of clear guidelines, Tony will explore psychological, behavioral, and medication-based approaches tailored to aid this demographic.

Dr. Fernando is a psychiatrist and sleep specialist in Auckland. He earned his medical degree from the University of the Philippines and completed his training in psychiatry and sleep medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2021, he attained his PhD focusing on compassion in medicine at the University of Auckland. Over his career, he has been honoured with various awards, notably, he received the prestigious Chair's award from the New Zealand Medical Association in 2015 for promoting physician well-being. Aside from his medical career, Dr. Tony is a cellist and a foodie. Overcoming a fear of water in 2014, he's swum Auckland Harbour multiple times, reflecting his adventurous spirit. and dedication to personal growth.


 Smoking and Sleep
Speakers: Professor Janet Hoek, Dr Patryk Szulakowski, Professor Alister Neil 
Chair: Professor Barbara Galland

This session will begin with Professor Janet Hoek speaking about the background work and research leading to the Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 measures and the newly introduced law repealing its introduction. She will then cover research on the use of vaping in young people in Aotearoa and their experiences, including with addiction, and the disruptions to sleep that some encounter. Dr Patryk Szulakowski will then cover the some of the issues with smoking and insomnia in adults, followed by Professor Alister Neil who will present prevalence data in relation to smoking and OSA and cover some of the potential mechanisms and controversies including the use of nicotine as an OSA treatment. 

Sleep, Dreaming, and Exceptional Experiences
Speakers: Dr Nicole Lindsay, Dr Rosie Gibson, Laura O’Sullivan, Deanna Haami
Chair: Dr Rosie Gibson

Sleep and dreaming are increasingly recognised as multifaceted experiences affected by various individual and socioecological factors. However, the unique relationships between sleep within the realms of exceptional individual, spiritual or and/or cultural experiences is under-researched. While evidence suggests an important role of sleep related experiences with regards to memories, beliefs, trauma, and grief; much of this research has been conducted in the West and in relation to unique affect in circumstances such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, cognitive functioning, and bereavement. This symposium will outline unique projects underway in Aotearoa considering sleep and dreaming in relation to 1) near death experiences and  2) end of life, and 3) as well as wairua-related sleep phenomena among Maori. Together, this outlines a new research agenda considering the social, cultural, and spiritual perspectives relevant to sleep in Aotearoa. 

 Work and Sleep in Healthcare and Beyond
Speakers: Dr Karyn O’Keeffe, Dr Grace Vincent, Dra Sarah Buchanan, Dr Rosie Gibson
Chair: Dr Karyn O’Keeffe 

Shift work is associated with significant sleep and circadian disruption and contributes to workplace fatigue.  Workplace fatigue and shift work are associated with adverse physical and mental health, wellbeing and performance outcomes. This session brings together researchers investigating the role of shift work and workplace fatigue on wellbeing and work performance in healthcare and other settings.  We will present current research investigating the impacts of these challenges in critical environments, including healthcare,  and importantly, discuss how these challenges can be managed.  
Chair: Dr Karyn O’Keeffe 

New Investigator Award session

Join us for what is always a stimulating session showcasing original research conducted by students undergoing training in the field of sleep. Sponsored by Apex Medical and SIA, the award includes registration to SDU_2024 and $1000 towards travel costs.
Free Abstract sessions. Submit your abstracts by May 10. 

For further information regarding key dates and submissions, please click here. 

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6/20/2024 9:00 AM - 6/21/2024 11:00 PM
New Zealand Standard Time
Uni of Otago 362 Leith Street Dunedin North Dunedin 9016 NEW ZEALAND

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