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Victoria state meeting
The Victoria state meeting is on Thursday 16 June 2022, with networking from 5pm.

When: June 16, 2022
Where: Clayton, VIC
Transition to Practice and Practice Growth Strategies course - The Crowne Plaza Sydney, Coogee Beach.
The ASA, in alliance with The Private Practice, has organised an intensive weekend of learning experiences in business, financial  and lifestyle management tailored specifically for clinicians working in sleep medicine.

When: June 17–19, 2022
Where: NSW
Cases in dental sleep medicine
This webinar will present a range of cases and walk-through the process: from the very first visit with the patient, through to troubleshooting more difficult cases. This will help practitioners who are first starting to see these patients, and more experienced practitioners who may face similar issues will also find this to be of interest.

When: June 17, 2022
Advances in sleep and memory
There have been many new developments in the field of Sleep and Memory recently with new mechanisms proposed. This webinar will explore two of the more promising approaches to investigating the formation and consolidation of memories during sleep from a practical standpoint.

When: June 28, 2022
Restless legs syndrome: management strategies for the complex patient
Many patients with restless legs syndrome have residual symptoms after first- or second-line therapy, or suffer medication-related side effects. This webinar explores management strategies for patients with complex restless legs syndrome, including those with refractory symptoms or treatment-related adverse effects such as augmentation

When: August 4, 2022
Management of less common sleep disorders in general practice: narcolepsy, RLS and REM sleep behaviour
This 90-minute webinar will offer an introduction to the challenges associated with diagnosing and managing less common sleep disorders in general practice and the importance on working collaboratively with specialist services by a GP.   A not to be missed webinar, particularly beneficial for G.P.s and general practice nurses.

When: September 27, 2022
Sleep in individuals with traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury
Sleep is especially impaired in individuals who have a Traumatic Brain Injury or Spinal Cord Injury. However, sleep disorders in both groups are under-recognized, underdiagnosed, and untreated for a substantial majority of patients. This webinar aims to drive an increase in awareness and improve sleep disorder management in these patient populations.

When: October 4, 2022
Sleep DownUnder 2022
Join us in person or virtually for the 33rd annual scientific meeting of Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) & Australian and New Zealand Sleep Science Association (ANZSSA)

When: November 7–11, 2022
Where: South Brisbane, QLD
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