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Melatonin use in children : the good, the bad, and the ugly
Melatonin use has increased exponentially in the last few years both in neurodiverse children and typically developing children to assist with sleep difficulties. This is both through increased prescribing from medical primary and tertiary care professionals but also through online access for parents from overseas less regulated markets.

When: March 6, 2024
Health equity in sleep: #WorldSleepDay
We know that Indigenous health inequities are unacceptable, and that the status quo can’t continue, but what do we know about inequities in sleep health for Indigenous populations? In this talk we will define health disparities and frameworks to understand them, identify sleep inequity and its determinants and identify current trends and opportunities for future research and resources.

When: March 15, 2024
Insider insights on navigating the PhD journey
For those looking into or are amid a PhD, it can at times feel like a journey without clear signposts. The first NEST webinar of 2024 aims to help you put together or strengthen your flight plan to navigate through your PhD journey.

When: March 22, 2024
Oral appliances (MAS) and severe OSA – endotyping application in clinical practice
With the recent developments and discussion around personalized sleep medicine and  endotyping OSA, oral appliances are becoming more appropriate in a wider range of OSA severity  levels, especially when combination therapy is taken into consideration. This webinar will apply current  knowledge to clinical practice, reworking the traditional mindset of OSA management models and treatment pathways so that patients benefit from better primary treatment outcomes.

When:... Details
Sleep in Aotearoa 2024
The NZ Branch of the ASA are pleased to welcome colleagues to the 2024 Sleep In Aotearoa annual scientific meeting to be held in Dunedin on 20-21 June 2024.

When: June 20–21, 2024
First Nations sleep: Health service delivery pathways for management and treatment of OSA
Approximately one in four First Nations People have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), yet many people go untreated. Lack of culturally safe sleep health services, particularly for people struggling with OSA, has been identified by community members.

When: August 22, 2024
Insomnia disorder in adolescence - Assessment and management opportunities
Insomnia disorder in adolescence is under-recognised, under-diagnosed, and under-treated, yet results in significant functional, social, and concentration difficulties.

When: September 2, 2024
Sleep DownUnder 2024
Join us on the Gold Coast for the 35th annual scientific meeting of the Australasian Sleep Association and the Australian and New Zealand Sleep Science Association.

When: October 16–19, 2024
Where: Broadbeach, QLD