Applicants for the FDSM program will be required to pay an application fee of $95 (AUD) for assessment of their eligibility to enter the program.

Once an application is approved, the candidate must pay the program fee of $2900 (AUD) which covers all aspects of the program to completion providing all the relevant time limits are not exceeded.

If a candidate is granted recognition of prior learning, they may submit work completed during previous courses to meet the program requirements. In this instance, the program fee is reduced to $1900. These candidates are still required to pass the examination.

There is no requirement for re-certification or any other ongoing costs to maintain certification apart from remaining a financial member of the ASA and completion of at least one continuing professional development course in dental sleep medicine each year.


All program candidates must: 
  •  be dentists registered with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to practise in Australia or registered with the New Zealand Dental Council to practise in New Zealand, and 
  • be a Full Member of the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA). 

Applicants who are not yet full members of ASA must be associate members and will be transferred to full membership as soon as they are eligible (three years after becoming an associate member).

No prior postgraduate training in dental sleep medicine is required for entry into this certification program and prior postgraduate training does not automatically entitle applicants to receive the FDSM. 

All candidates are required to meet the certification requirements as outlined in the Handbook. There may be exceptions on a case-by-case basis where materials prepared during postgraduate or other training courses may be used to meet the certification program requirements. Refer to prior learning recognition for details.

Application and enrolment

All aspects of the program are managed through each member’s account on the ASA website and the Learning Centre. Dentists wishing to undertake the program must first log in to the ASA website using their member credentials and navigate to the FDSM application form in the Learning Centre. 

The first step in the program is to complete an application form and pay the application fee. Each applicant’s eligibility will be assessed by staff and their enrolment accepted or denied. Once an application is accepted, the candidate must pay the program fee before they can commence any program activities. 

Enquiries about the application and enrolment process should be directed to Dinukshi Daniels ([email protected] or 02 9920 1968).

Prior learning recognition

There are many learning pathways to develop competence in dental sleep medicine. The FDSM Advisory Committee will consider requests for prior learning recognition in dental sleep medicine for the first three years of the program only (until November 2024). These requests must be included in the program application form and retrospective requests will not be considered. Preference will be given to those with formal qualifications from a reputable university. 

All candidates regardless of prior learning must sit and pass the 3-hour multiple choice examination. Provision of a case logbook, detailed case reports, physician references and sleep laboratory observations will still be required, but candidates may use material prepared for previous courses to meet the program requirements. The decision of the FDSM Advisory Committee is final and no further consideration will be given after a decision is made.

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