Successful candidates will be notified when they have completed all the program requirements. They will be able to print their completion certificate directly from their Learning Centre account for display in their practice, and their details will be added to the online listing of Fellows.

There will be an annual award ceremony for all new Fellows either at the Sleep DownUnder Conference, or the Dental Sleep Medicine Council annual meeting. 

Results appeals

All appeals relating to examination or other results will be considered by the FDSM Advisory Committee. Details of the appeal should be provided in writing to the Program Manager and include:

  • the candidate’s name
  • the program component being appealed
  • why the candidate is appealing the result, and
  • the resolution the candidate is seeking..

The Program Manager will acknowledge all appeals within 3 days of receiving them, and the Advisory Committee will provide a determination within 60 days.


Complaints about the FDSM Program should be addressed in writing to the Program Manager in the first instance and include:

  • the candidate’s name
  • information about the complaint, and
  • the resolution of the complaint that the candidate is seeking.

If the complaint relates to the Program Manager, it may be made in writing to ASA Chief Executive, Marcia Balzer ([email protected]). 

The Program Manager or CEO will seek to resolve the complaint with the candidate, and refer the complaint to the Advisory Committee if a resolution is not achieved. The decisions of the Advisory Committee will be final.

Complaints against any Fellow will be investigated by the Chief Executive of the ASA and representatives of the Board if required. Any required action will be undertaken according to the process set out in section 10 of the ASA Constitution, ‘Disciplining of Members’. This will also apply if the Dental Board of Australia or New Zealand places any practice restrictions on a Fellow.

Maintaining certification
To retain the right to use the FDSM post-nominal and remain on the Fellows online listing, all Fellows are required to be current financial members of the Australasian Sleep Association. Should a Fellow become non-financial, they will be notified that their Fellowship has also been withdrawn. The ASA has an automatic renewal payment option that will help Fellows maintain their financial status from year to year.

Fellows are also required to undertake ongoing professional development activities in dental sleep medicine. They must complete at least one relevant educational activity every year – a webinar, attendance at Sleep DownUnder or other dental sleep medicine educational activity. The ASA Learning Centre tracks activities undertaken by members automatically if they have been organised by the ASA. Fellows will need to log in to their ASA account annually to upload details of non-ASA educational activities that they have undertaken. 

Staff will undertake random audits of the educational records of Fellows to ensure they are completing the continuing professional development requirements to maintain their certification entitlements.

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