Associate Membership

$290.00 (incl GST)

 Associate Membership is open to any medical practitioner, psychologist, dentist, scientist, nurse, pharmacist or other suitably qualified person who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Less than two years since finalising their post-doctoral qualification 
  • Australian/New Zealand residents temporarily working overseas 
  • Has an interest in sleep medicine or sleep research but not working in this field 
  • Just starting their practice in the field of sleep 
  • RACP Advanced Trainee 
  • Does not otherwise qualify for Full Membership 

It is not intended that Associate membership should continue beyond three years, allowing for career interruption(s), and after that time Associate Members are encouraged to apply for Full Membership, either by being nominated and seconded by Full Members, or if this is not possible, then by submission of a CV which will be considered by two Board Members who may choose to nominate
and second your application.

Associate Membership includes: 

  • Biannual ASA Newsletter 
  • Regular e-newsletters 
  • Access to our Members Area website, containing additional sleep related content 
  • Access to and inclusion in our Members Directory 
  • Free online access to the Journal of Sleep Medicine 
  • Access to the Members Only Facebook Forum, allowing an opportunity to interact on matters of interest/concern to other ASA members 
  • Reduced pricing for our Annual Scientific Meeting, Conference and Trade Show 
  • Access to scholarships 
  • Ability to become involved in ASA Board Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups 
  • Eligibility to join any Council 

Associate members do not have association voting rights, are not eligible to be elected to the ASA Board and cannot promote themselves as a Member of the ASA on any personal or professional literature or products. 

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