2020/2021 subscription fees 

 Full membership  $375 
 Associate membership  $290
 Sustaining membership  $375
 Student membership  $95
 Retired membership  $95


Membership categories

Categories of membership are set out below. To join, click on the membership category that applies to you.

Only full members have the right to vote, are eligible for election to the Board, and can promote themselves as Members of the ASA on stationery or websites.

Application for student membership should include proof of student status (eg a photocopy of current student registration card) and be signed by a supervisor.

Membership is on an annual basis finishing on 30 June. Rates vary between membership categories, with pro-rata rates available depending on which month you join.

Full Membership

$375.00 (inc. GST)
Our most comprehensive membership, including ability to vote on Association matters and eligibility to become a Board member. 

Associate Membership

$290.00 (incl GST)
Associate Membership provides an introduction to the Association to those who are not currently eligible to commence as a Full Member. 

Student Membership

$95.00 (incl GST) 
Membership of ASA for those currently undertaking undergraduate or postgraduate studies. 

Sustaining Membership

$375.00 (incl GST) 
Available to any person representing a company, business or other organisation with a commercial interest in sleep. Sustaining members are not eligible to vote at general meetings or to join the Board.

Retired Membership

$95.00 (incl GST)
Retired Membership status is reserved for current members who upon their retirement, wish to remain a member of the ASA.