New Conference Chair needed
30 November 2022

The ASA is looking for a new Conference Chair due to the recent resignation of Andrew Gikas who has been appointed as an Executive Councillor of the Australian Dental Association.  

The Conference Chair position is a very important one for the ASA since Sleep DownUnder (held with ANZSSA each year) is the major educational activity for ASA members, a great networking event and makes a significant revenue contribution to the ASA.  The ASA is a multi-disciplinary team, and we need to offer high quality education to all disciplines of sleep health care professionals and researchers.    

The role of educational conferences has changed somewhat since the pandemic began and conference attendees may want different things from conference than they wanted before. Therefore, it is hoped that the successful candidate would be able to articulate a vision for how to adapt and respond to the changing conference landscape whilst retaining the high standard of education provided.  

The position description articulates the role requirements. Candidates must be ASA members and should apply with a one-page summary of their vision for the next Sleep DownUnder conference including the skills they would bring to the role. Please include a copy of your CV as well. Applications must be received by 5pm on Monday 19 December. Contact the CEO, Marcia Balzer (0430 175 310), for further information. 

A selection panel comprised of ASA Board directors and ASA members will review the applications and determine the successful candidate. The successful candidate will have the option to join the ASA Board as a full director appointed by the Board to a casual vacancy, or they can attend Board meetings as an observer without the fiduciary responsibility of being a company director. This role requires a close working relationship with ASA office staff, including the CEO.