Paediatric Council

Co-Chair: Ajay Kevat
Co-Chair: Mimi Lu
E-mail:[email protected]

Mission statement 
To act as a focus for those members of the ASA who have an interest in Paediatric sleep medicine and sleep science.

  • To promote collaboration of research and clinical practice in paediatric sleep medicine, sleep science and sleep health 
  • To provide guidance and expertise to colleagues and the general public on paediatric sleep-related clinical issues and general sleep health within the wider paediatric community 
  • To advocate for children and their families by promoting educational sleep programmes to allied health professionals and educators 
  • To serve as a resource group to the Australasian Sleep Association Board and its subcommittees in the provision of specialised expertise related to paediatric sleep, development of position papers and education material 
  • To support the ASA annual scientific meeting, particularly related to the paediatric aspects of the meeting
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