Cognitive strategies in the treatment of insomnia: Why and when?

Topic: Cognitive Strategies in the Treatment of Insomnia: Why and When?
Presenter: Dr Melissa Ree

Traditionally, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) has focussed heavily on behavioural treatment strategies. Recent research has suggested that cognitive interventions are also effective, and indeed that treatments emphasising both cognitive and behavioural strategies are most effective. Cognitive strategies aim to reduce cognitive hyperarousal and fear of poor sleep. This webinar will introduce a range of cognitive strategies useful in the management of insomnia and will consider variables that may assist clinicians in deciding when best to utilise them.

Topics covered include:

Understanding and recognising cognitive hyperarousal
Working with overly negative thoughts
Working with a generally busy mind
Working to alter unhelpful beliefs about sleep
Encouraging acceptance of some nocturnal wakefulness and daytime tiredness

You can view a small excerpt from the webinar below. 

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