Podcasts on sleep in children

Obstructive sleep apnoea in children

Alex Bartle talks about obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) in children. Alex is a GP with a masters in sleep medicine who has established New Zealand’s largest sleep clinic. Alex is a member of the Asia Pacific paediatric sleep alliance, the Australasian Sleep Association and a co-author of the NZ guidelines for sleep disordered breathing. Episode published in August 2018.

  • Definition of OSA in children
  • How many children are effected?
  • What are the causes of sleep apnoea?
  • Differences between adults and children with respect to OSA.
  • What questions should we be asking the parents?
  • What do we need to look for?
  • Child growth and serial growth charts
  • Red flags – behaviour
  • How do we make the diagnosis?
  • Sleep studies and referral
  • Other options



Professor Harriet Hiscock and Associate Professor Emma Sciberras help you identify sleeping problems in your children, from infancy to secondary school, and give you easy to understand steps to improve their sleep cycles and overall health. Covering the importance of sleep at each development stage and whether you should be concerned about more common issues like snoring and sleep apnoea as well as looking into more specialised areas like sleep among children with ADHD or autism. Eight episodes published in June 2019.

  • Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea
  • Managing behavioural sleep problems with melatonin
  • Sleeping with autism and ADHD
  • High school stress and sleep in adolescence
  • Do primary school children need more sleep?
  • Getting toddlers to sleep
  • Managing sleep practices in babies
  • Why your baby isn't sleeping


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