Session recordings

Caffeine - friend or foe? 
This opening plenary session 
features three speakers reviewing key aspects of caffeine in relation to sleep.Hans van Dongen, Alison Coates, Brad Aisbett

Clinical utility of subjective vs objective tests of daytime sleepiness 
This presentation from Yun Li, winner of the ASSA/CSRS Early Career Development Award in 2018, explores the clinical utility of subjective vs objective tests of excessive daytime sleepiness in the assessment of patients with sleep apnoea.

New Investigator Award presentations 2018
Presentations cover OSA physiology, alcohol and sleep, OSA diagnosis with atrial fibrillation patients, and sleep-disordered breathing in pregnancy.

Towards personalised sleep health
Explores the details of personalised sleep health in relation to obstructive sleep apnoea and insomnia: Peter Catcheside and Chris Gordon.

Sleep-disordered breathing in pregnancy: impact, pathophysiology, and treatment
Speakers on different aspects of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) in pregnancy: Jordan McIntyre, Colin Sullivan, Danielle Wilson, Karen Redhead.

Shift work and individual management: the individual variability, impact and treatment for shift work 
A range of issues relating to shift workers, including healthcare workers and their patients. Mark Howard, Julia Stone

Government relations and MBS item number changes: an update 
An update from Peter Eastwood and Garun Hamilton on the latest advocacy work and changes to MBS item numbers.

Growing up and growing old on NIV: Interaction with natural history of underlying disease 
This keynote presentation from Sleep DownUnder features the UK's Anita Simonds exploring the impact of NIV on young patients with neuromuscular disease, and older patients with COPD.

Sleep monitoring in challenging environments outside the sleep laboratory 
Sleep monitoring of firefighters and emergency personnel in the field, in hypobaric chambers and in pilots on board long haul flights, and at high altitudes. Grace Vincent, Karyn O'Keeffe, Katie Colby

OSA - a clinical perspective 
Posters and discussion including nine speakers presenting original research on clinical aspects of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

Paediatric sleep-disordered breathing 1: assessment, treatment and consequences
The first of two oral presentation sessions on paediatric sleep-disordered breathing. Rebecca Mihai, Zachary King, Katrina Jess, Megan Angliss

Paediatric sleep-disordered breathing 2: brain, heart and NIV 
The second of two poster presentation sessions on paediatric sleep-disordered breathing. Patricia Wales, Lina Zafirah & Mohd Yusoff, Karen Waters

A review of surgical treatment of sleep apnoea 
The Sam Robinson Memorial Symposium includes two presentations on surgery and sleep apnoea. Stacey Ishman, Madeline Ravesloot

Assessment and physiological consequences of sleep disorders 
This session of posters and discussion covers a range of recent research relating to the assessment and physiological consequences of sleep disorders.

Innovations in research into the nature and treatment of REM-related parasomnias and sleep disturbance in PTSD 
This session fcovers trauma, nightmares and sleep interventions for the treatment of sleep disorders in PTSD. Matthew Brock, Vincent Mysliwiec, Andrea Phelps, Sean Drummond

Philips Symposium: Slow wave sleep induction methodology and the digital management of sleep and its disorders
International speaker, David White, explores slow wave sleep induction methodology and the digital management of sleep and its disorders

OSA phenotyping: is there value in guiding future therapies?
This keynote presentation by David White looks at OSA phenotyping and its potential value in developing future therapies.

Advances in predicting effects of oral appliance therapy
Clinical prediction of oral appliance therapeutic response and symptomatic and other health benefits from oral appliance therapy. Kate Sutherland, Marie Marklund

Responses and effects of OSA treatment modalities 
These posters and discussion cover a range of research topics related to OSA treatment modalities.

OSA and respiratory failure: risk of mortality and morbidity 
Five presentations exploring mortality and morbidity in relation to OSA and respiratory failure. Philip Terrill, Hima Vedam, Kelly Shephard, Kelly Loffler, Ai-Ming Wong

Snoring to oblivion: the role of OSA in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease 
The Helen Bearpark plenary session featured three presentations on links between OSA and the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease. Ricardo Osorio, Shantel Duffy, Elizabeth Coulson

Let's get physical - exploring the relationship between sleep and exercise 
A symposium session exploring the links between sleep and exercise. Charli Sargent, Melissa Skein, Brad Aisbett

Advanced trainees' oral presentations
Advanced trainee oral presentations from Chuan Tai Foo, Sebastian Le Feuvre, Michelle Tan and Matthew Wong

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