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Adolescent sleep: a review of the old and exploration of the new
Past and emerging research on adolescent sleep by Sarah Blunden (2015)

Adolescent sleep: the good, the bad and the ugly
Understanding adolescent sleep to maximise health and wellbeing by Sarah Blunden (2018)

Adolescent sleep: role of clock and homeostatic mechanisms interacting with lifestyle
Mary Carskadon reviews developmental changes in circadian timing and sleep homeostasis arising in adolescence. The impact of these changes and their interaction with adolescent lifestyles are outlined, with an overview of consequences. (2017)

Approach to a child with snoring
Andrew Tai outlines the approach to a child with snoring from primary care to a specialist sleep unit (2017)

Best practice in dental medicine - for dentists and referrers
Sleep physicians and other medical practitioners need to know that the dentist they refer to is using evidence-based methods in providing the highest level of care for their patients. Andrew Gikas and Ramesh Balasubramaniam (2016)

Circadian disorders
Shantha Rajaratnam provides a review on the latest on circadian disorders, their diagnosis and treatment options. (2017)

Clinical cases of circadian rhythm sleep disorders: diagnosis and treatment
Moira Junge and Delwyn Bartlett on the diagnosis and treatment of circadian rhythm sleep disorders (2016)

Cognitive strategies in the treatment of insomnia: why and when?
Melissa Ree on a range of cognitive strategies useful in the management of insomnia (2015)

Driver drowsiness - clinical assessment and the law
Mark Howard on how to assess fitness to drive and stay on the right side of the law (2015)

Efficacy of oral appliance therapy and treatment combination
Fernanda Almeida discusses oral appliance efficacy and effectiveness, and possible treatment combination approaches to improve patient outcomes. (2017)

Fatigue incident investigation and prevention in the workplace
Three speakers explore the investigation and prevention of fatigue incidents in the workplace. Michael Podgorny, Mark Holmes, Neil Findlay (2013)

How I investigate daytime sleepiness
David Cunnington and Giselle Withers join forces to discuss how they investigate excessive daytime sleepiness. (2012)

Insomnia research update and treating the sleep thoughts
Delwyn Bartlett reviews the most important insomnia research from the previous year and how to treat unhelpful thought processes. (2017)

The underlying biology of narcolepsy, recognising narcolepsy symptoms and the principles of narcolepsy diagnosis and treatment. David Cunnington (2017)

Oral appliance therapy for snoring and sleep apnoea - achieving optimal results
Join Ramesh Balasubramaniam, Andrew Gikas and Harry Ball to hear the latest tips on achieving the best patient outcomes in dental sleep medicine (2019)

Over the counter and complementary sleep aids for insomnia: the implications of self medication for insomnia in the real world
Janet Cheung sets out her research on the use of over-the-counter sleep aids for insomnia in the community and help-seeking behaviours for insomnia. (2019) 

Parasomnias in adult sleep medicine: an update
A review of REM and non-REM parasomnias, with a particular focus on REM Behaviour Disorder. Brendon Yee. (2015)

 Restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder – advances in measurement and management 
John Sweica and Philip King present the latest in measurement and management of these disorders. (2014)

Results of the sleep apnea cardiovascular endpoints (SAVE) study
Doug McEvoy summarises the results of the SAVE study, a multinational trial designed to assess the impact of CPAP treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea on the risk of future cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke. (2017)

Role of non-invasive ventilation in the acute setting
Matthew Naughton reviews the role of NIV in acute settings: COPD, CHF and obesity hypoventilation (2017)

Sensitivity to light and vulnerability for sleep and mood disorders 
How individual differences in sensitivity to light may contribute to vulnerability for sleep and mood disorders. Elise McGlashan (2020) 

Shift work, sleep and health
The challenges of shift work related to sleep and circadian disruption, and the current research on associated health outcomes. Sally Ferguson (2018)

Sleep medicine oral appliances and orthodontic treatments for children
he latest in oral appliances and orthodontic treatments for sleep disorders in children. Vandana Katyal and Joachim Ngiam (2013)

Sleeping like a mum: quantity vs quality
Hawley Montgomery-Jones discusses her research program that has led her to the conclusion that the usual advice for new parents is dead wrong. (2016) 

Smart lighting: advances in circadian photoreception
Steven W. Lockley on the latest research in circadian photoreception. (2014)

Take your brief CBT-I skills to the next level
Get the most out of sleep diaries and understand the rationale behind behavioural interventions as Sean Drummond shares his knowledge and top tips for taking your brief CBT-I practice to the next level. (2018)

The diagnosis and treatment of circadian rhythm disorders
Leon Lack sets out the details of diagnosis and treatment of circadian rhythm disorders. (2012)

Wearable technologies: validation and implementation for sleep monitoring and health
David Cunnington and Delwyn Bartlett discuss the use of sleep monitoring equipment for sleep assessments, including the value of objective measurement for understanding sleep health and educating the public on the value of sleep. (2012)

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